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). There are 2 scales that look at how deeply the melanoma has gone into the skin. These are Formerly, very thin tumors were classified according to Clark39s level of invasion, the number of layers of skin penetrated by the tumor. In the newest staging

Nov 20, 2008 Clark Level and Breslow Thickness are two measures used to determine the stage and prognosis of a melanoma. Learn what these numbers

Jun 2, 2010 Usually no further treatment is necessary however, continued skin examination to evaluate for a new melanoma or other skin cancer will continue. Research has shown that the Clark39s level diagnosis is not a great predictor Of.Cancer, Cancer. Clark39s Level and Stage - One of the most commonly confused concepts among Clark39s Level (NCCN website) Another system describes the thickness of a melanoma in relation to its penetration into the skin instead of Feb 20, 2014 For skin cancers this includes its size and location, whether it has grown Tumor has invaded down into the lower dermis or subcutis (Clark

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Clark39s level is a staging system, used in conjunction with Breslow39s depth, which describes the level of anatomical invasion of the melanoma in the skin. Validation of the American Joint Committee on Cancer melanoma staging system Mohs surgery is the most precise surgical method for skin cancer removal with Dr. Clark and Dr. Flynn are Mohs surgery and reconstructive surgeons who are

Nov 7, 2014 Clark Classification (Level of Invasion) American Joint Committee on Cancer Stage 0 melanoma in situ drawing shows skin anatomy with an The method was devised by the pathologist Wallace Clark and measures the depth of penetration of a melanoma into the skin according to anatomic layer