Chicken pox in infants and toddlers

Aug 23, 2013 Some children get the chickenpox rash without first having the early symptoms. Babies 6 months old and younger may have some protection Nov 10, 2014 Why should my child get the chickenpox shot The chickenpox shot: Protects your child from chickenpox, a potentially serious and even deadly

Chicken pox is no party. If your child gets it, he39s likely to develop a rash of itchy, painful blisters accompanied by fever and fatigue. If the blisters get infected,

Last December, when my youngest child was just 3 months old, I got a call from my sister about her 4-year-old son. Alex may have chickenpox, she said If your child has chicken pox, call the doctor if she seems sicker than expected, if she develops a fever after the first few days, if the rash spreads to her eyes, or if Find out when and why your child needs to get this vaccine

Chickenpox (Varicella)-What Happens

It39s most common in kids under age 12, but anyone can get chickenpox. Chickenpox is very contagious, so an infected child should stay home and rest until Chickenpox causes spots (a rash) and can make a child feel generally unwell. Treatment aims to ease symptoms until the illness goes. Full recovery is usual in

Most children will get chickenpox when they are young and it is usually a mild illness. Once your baby has caught the virus, it can take between 10 days and 21 Aug 4, 2014 Most children with chickenpox completely recover. But it can be serious, even deadly, for babies, adolescents, adults, and people with