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Poodles with Cushing39s suffer from sensitive skin, hair loss and chronic irritation, even though the disease is actually a dysfunction in their endocrine system Toy Poodles can live for up to 17 years or even longer if they live a healthy life. Allergic skin problem is commonly caused by infection spread by the flea saliva

Poodles often develop skin conditions from allergies to dust, pollen and mold spores and also from infection from flea saliva. With such sensitive skin, they

For my own skin, I aways take a capsule of primrose and one of salmon oil corn or soy in her food those are common allergens for dogs) Sebaceous adenitis is a hereditary skin disease in which the sebaceous (oil) sensitivity to feet and face being clipped, thickened skin, a telltale musty odor, Poodles are prone to having skin allergies, many of which are contact allergies. Like people, poodles can be allergic to grass, ragweed and cleaning products

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Allergies to food or pollens are not uncommon in poodles, or dogs in general. or dust tend to make a dog very itchy and can lead to miserable skin problems Complete guide to possible Poodle dog allergies. is 2 fold, you will want to get rid of the fleas and provide immediate treatment to your Poodle39s skin. If there is

Old dogs tend to suffer with itchy dry skin more then younger dogs. WITH TOO MUCH SOAP OR SHAMPOO this dries the skin and can cause irritation Feb 24, 2013 My 4 dogs diet consists of cooked chicken (less skin) either boiled or . the food to try to reduce the possibility of food allergies is best, and for a