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12 Nov 2012 The Allegra 6 Series is designed for high-volume labs requiring a and specialty bottles up to 3,210 x g Interchangeable rotors available Meet our newest little dynamos: the compact and powerful Allegra X-30 Series. RPMs and g-force in class save you precious time you can devote to other

22 Dec 2013 Das neue Video des Spur-G-Blogs zeigt den RhB-Allegra von LGB. Die digitale Version unter der Artikelnummer 20225 bringt einige

rotors are included with information on speed and g-force capability. Also included is .. The Allegra 64R takes high g-forces (up to 64,400 x g) to the lab bench The Allegra 25R high-performing centrifuge is ideal for DNA preparation from 25R Centrifuge, 4 x 500 mL, 6130 g (Swing-bucket), 25,160 g (Fixed- Angle) Online tool for G-ForceRPM centrifuge conversion. Beckman, C0650 in GS-15 Allegra 21 Allegra X-22 Series, 3.20, 9.20, 9500, 9283. Beckman, C1015 in

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g rpm calculator, g force rpm converter. C0650 in Avanti 30Allegra 64R, -, 3.2, 9.2, 10000, 10285, Beckman. C0650 in GS-15Allegra 21Allegra X-22 Series 45 Fixed Angle Rotor, Model FX301.5, 30 x 1.5 mL, 21,952 g (Allegra X-22 and X-22R), 19,515 g (Allegra X-30), 28,672 g (Allegra X-30R), 13,200 rpm (Allegra

SPECIFICATIONS. ALLEGRA X-15R. ALLEGRA X-14R. ALLEGRA X-14. Swinging Bucket Rotor. 4,750 rpm 5,250 x g. 4,300 rpm 4,300 x g. 4,300 rpm 4,300 x (1.8 mL) or 4 Square-well (2.0 mL) Plates. Up to 2,980 x g. The Allegra 6 Series Benchtop Centrifuges provide versatile, high-capacity performance for a wide