Rock paper scissors probability lesson plan

The students will also collect data, interpret data, and determine the fairness of the game rock, paper, scissors. This lesson plan was created as a result of the This mini-unit addressing Experimental and Theoretical Probability engages Rock, Paper, Scissors classroom activity with follow up computer activity use software to brainstorm, develop a thought web, outline, and map ideas under study

3 Jun 2012 Go to for the lesson plans, student worksheets, and full lesson video. This is a video preview lesson from Make Math Kids Books for Probability Lesson Plans -- Make teaching probability fun Worksheets: Rock, Paper, Scissors Probability More Purpose: To learn about how probability works in various real life scenarios. . This activity involves playing two games, the first is rock, paper, scissors, the If the student rolls one of their number (say a 6), they win 1 unit, if they roll two of Rock, Paper, Scissors Probability Lesson is also available in the following packages at a discount: 1) Middle School Math Lessons, Projects, and Games eBook

ALEX Lesson Plan: Probability

Lesson Plan Day 1. Rock, Paper, Scissors Connection to Probability. Teacher Name(s): Sandy Rea, Megan Hollis, Casey Dailey, Corbin Potts, Todd Howard outcomes of a two-player Rock-Paper-Scissors game. Explain how this relates to the concept of sample spaces. (1.1). Talk about the probabilities of the

Probability amp Game Theory Lesson Plan This lesson is designed to improve students39 understanding of decision making Rock Paper Scissors Activity 28 Oct 2011 A GCSE activity: uses Paper Scissors Stone (or Rock) game to KS3 GCSE middot Maths (Lesson plan) Probability (MEP-GSCE) lesson plan,