Rock paper scissors probability lesson plan

Purpose: To learn about how probability works in various real life scenarios. . This activity involves playing two games, the first is rock, paper, scissors, the If the student rolls one of their number (say a 6), they win 1 unit, if they roll two of Lesson Plan Day 1. Rock, Paper, Scissors Connection to Probability. Teacher Name(s): Sandy Rea, Megan Hollis, Casey Dailey, Corbin Potts, Todd Howard

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This mini-unit addressing Experimental and Theoretical Probability engages Rock, Paper, Scissors classroom activity with follow up computer activity use software to brainstorm, develop a thought web, outline, and map ideas under study 3 Jun 2012 Go to for the lesson plans, student worksheets, and full lesson video. This is a video preview lesson from Make Math Kids Books for Probability Lesson Plans -- Make teaching probability fun Worksheets: Rock, Paper, Scissors Probability More

Title: Is it Chance

Probability amp Game Theory Lesson Plan This lesson is designed to improve students39 understanding of decision making Rock Paper Scissors Activity outcomes of a two-player Rock-Paper-Scissors game. Explain how this relates to the concept of sample spaces. (1.1). Talk about the probabilities of the

28 Oct 2011 A GCSE activity: uses Paper Scissors Stone (or Rock) game to KS3 GCSE middot Maths (Lesson plan) Probability (MEP-GSCE) lesson plan, The students will also collect data, interpret data, and determine the fairness of the game rock, paper, scissors. This lesson plan was created as a result of the