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21 Mar 2012 My question is being HIV positive, how bad it is to have diabetes also And what types of treatment will I have be put on Basically I would just HIV treatments may raise your risk of developing diabetes. If you have diabetes, HIV treatments may also make it harder for you to control your blood glucose

15 Dec 2014 Fact sheets about HIVAIDS treatment information, the prevention of Diabetes is a disease in which levels of blood glucose (also called blood

19 Apr 2014 As a doctor I can tell you that, medically speaking, I39d rather have HIV than diabetes. While this might sound shocking or surprising, the facts HIV and related materials, including patient information booklets, email The development of type II diabetes has been reported in 2 to 10 of people on If you had diabetes before you were diagnosed with HIV, you will need to monitor your blood glucose levels even more carefully nowand you will also need to

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However, in patients with HIV who develop hyperglycemia, the added . Three distinctive groups emerge from the data focusing on diabetes and HIV The risk of diabetes for HIV-infected patients consists primarily of traditional factors, with possible added risk from the use of some PIs and NRTIs, which may

Metabolic abnormalities, including dyslipidemia, insulin resistance, diabetes, and increased inflammatory indexes, have been increasingly observed among DELTA REGION AIDS EDUCATION AND TRAINING CENTER deltaaetc.org. Diabetes and HIV. Diabetes mellitus is a disease where the body cannot process