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16 Aug 2013 At first glance, freestanding ionic air purifiers seem like a good deal: They39re affordable, quiet, and are said to clean particles from the air Educate yourself about Air Purifiers help yourself and others live a m meaning there is sufficient evidence to conclude that it causes cancer in adults

18 Jun 2014 Hi. My Gran was diagnosed with lung cancer about 2 months ago, she is 85 and quite frail, she has refused Chemo which we are ok with

10 May 2006 In a small, poorly ventilated room, an indoor air purifier that produces even a few milligrams of ozone per hour can create an ozone level that 2 Nov 2011 The air pollutionlung cancer connection is a good reason to consider potentially protective measures, including the use of an air purifier at The Oreck Air Purifier has been cleaning the air in our house since 2004. It works great, it39s easy to By the grace of God, I39m alive and kicking, and cancer-free

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15 Sep 2014 Chemotherapy is one of the most common methods of treatment for cancer, and since its introduction in the 1950s, it has helped many people Read the connection between air pollution and cancer. An air purifier may improve your respiratory function. Though, the best solution in avoiding air pollutant

My Dad was detected with Lung Cancer last month. A friend suggested that we use indoor air purifier in his room to improve the air quality A recent study conducted by researchers at UC Irvine indicates that certain air purifiers can increase the levels of ozone in the home to levels that pose health