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12222014018332What is testicular cancer What are testicular cancer risk factors and causes Testicular cancer is one of the most common tumors in older intact male dogs and can be successfully diagnosed and treated if caught early

How can patients and their families cope with testicular cancer When people have cancer, life can change--for them and for the people who care about them

The Testicular Cancer Resource Center TC Dictionary - Down to earth definitions of confusing terms Symptoms of Testciular Cancer What are the symptoms of testicular cancer Testicular cancer can cause a number of symptoms. Listed below are warning signs A person with testicular cancer may have a testicle that is three times its original size. The most cited risk factor is undescended testes

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Testicular cancer, or cancer of the testes, occurs in the testicles (testes), inside the scrotum. The scrotum is a loose bag of skin under the penis a diagnosis of testicular cancer will temporarily turn your life upside down giving rise to fear, anger, resentment and frustration. This booklet has been designed

Do I Have Testicular Cancer Men who develop lumps, swelling, or pain in their groin or scrotum may be worried they have testicular cancer. Here we describe the 12212014018332Testicular cancer symptoms and warning signs include swelling, lump or pain in a testicle. Read about treatments, diagnosis, screening, causes and risk