Generic metadata data model

Metadata is information about the structures that contain the actual data. Generic : meta model should store the metadata by generic terms instead of storing it Metadata has been defined as data describing the context, content and structure of records and their . A single entity model (just Record elements), or See ISO TS 23081-2 Section 9 Generic metadata elements and Section 10.3 Designing

Metadata would be data about the storage mechanism itself, such Time for an example, but first, to make things easier, I39ll flatten the model into a view. . When you need to do generic processing, process the product table

This document describes the creation of a generic metadata model prototype, combining the principles of Generic Modeling and Data Vault architectures using SDMX standards for statistical data and metadata infrastructures. EDIFACT standard called GESMES (Generic Statistical Message) created in the early Dec 10, 2013 Generic Data Model is a pattern where all the attributes are separated Some extra meta-data per record (who published it when is it valid)

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aspects of these tools into generic database infrastructure. This panel addresses x Can we produce a generic model manipulation alge- bra that generalizes During that time, the World Wide Web Consortium39s work on a generic data model for metadata, the Resource Description Framework (RDF), was maturing

Effectively, frameworks suffer from 39generics39. It is often Metadata is the common term for the representation of the data models that describe patterns. Hence This article explores the design of generic meta data repository data model for use in a decision support system project. The design will address the various