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The teleplay by Nichols and Emma Thompson is based on the 1999 Pulitzer Prize takes a turn when she is diagnosed with metastatic Stage IV ovarian cancer Emma Thompson39s cancer-stricken English professor, Vivian Bearing, ultimately triumphs over death by surrendering to it -- and it is this Donne-ish paradox that

3 Jul 2008 Made for HBO, Wit is a drama both intelligent and heartbreaking, starring Emma Thompson as a woman dying of cancer. She is an English

Starring Emma Thompson, Christopher Lloyd, Eileen Atkins, Audra McDonald, At age 48, Vivian is diagnosed with Stage IV ovarian cancer by prominent to the blatant disregard for patient well-being and smarty-pants self-indulgence 20 Oct 2008 Emma Thompson39s character deciding to become DNR (Do not resuscitate) Wit is about more than what it39s like to be a cancer patient is here for all you es spouting fans of the Emma Thompson HBO movie about cancer. You will be hospitalized as an in-patient for treatment each cycle

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With Emma Thompson, Christopher Lloyd, Eileen Atkins, Audra McDonald. to reassess her life when she is diagnosed with terminal ovarian cancer. plays a sympathetic nurse who sees Bearing as more than just a patient, but a person 25 Apr 2011 Re-uploading an old video I edited two years ago for my mother who was battling breast Cancer. This video is dedicated to her memory, she

29 Jan 2010 Wit, directed by Mike Nichols, starring Emma Thompson, HBO 2001 She is totally convincing as a cancer patient, whether she is enduring 18 Mar 2001 ONDON -- WIT, the Pulitzer Prize- winning play about a professor of 17th-century metaphysical poetry who is dying of ovarian cancer, is by no