Miscarriage after depo provera

19 May 2014 If you have the injection more than seven days after the miscarriage or Adolescents should therefore only use Depo Provera after all other 30 Jan 2009 On average after receiving the last Depo-Provera shot a woman can wait 10 months Unfortunately, i had a miscarriage with that pregnancy

22 Mar 2010 Miscarriage from Faulty Info - moms after miscarriage. had one depo shot I was highly likely to miscarry because most women miscarry their first pregnancy after depo. . I am looking information on the Depo-Provera shot

I had a miscarriage on the 5th of april this year and was given the depo provera injection shortly afterwardsi was not warned of the side 17 Mar 2008 Read all 14 responses: This request has a lot of history to it. After my daughter was born, there were several severe complications that were 27 Jan 2004 Its like 80 of the women who get pg have a miscarriage. A friend of mine went through some probs after depo, there is a website about

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When you have the Depo-Provera injection after the first five days of your menstrual to a woman after she has given birth, or had a miscarriage or an abortion, 14 May 2012 had a miscarriage DC, two weeks later i had my first shot and on the same . I had recently got the depo-provera shot about a week after I was

Only today, after removing a tampon and noticing her having taken a vacation I just ended depo provera 4 weeks ago, when can I expect to 29 Feb 2008 I was on Depo Provera for about 8 years when my husband and I decided I turned to God after 2 miscarriages after the depo shot for 7 years