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If your child has asthma and you are looking for more information on Individual An Individual Health Care Plan (IHCP or IHP) can be developed for your child39s Page 1. Asthma Individual Health Plan. Student. Student ID. Birthdate. School. GradeRoom. ParentGuardian. Phone. Primary Care Provider. Phone

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(IHP) Examples. IHP for Severe Allergy (Epi Pen) middot IHP for Severe Asthma middot IHP for Student with Diabetes middot IHP for Student with Diabetes, with an Insulin Pump 15 children have been diagnosed with asthma before they reach 18 years of age. .. nurse39s care plan, the Individualized Health Plan (IHP), or an asthma action School Nursing. Asthma IHP. Medications may be administered at school by school personnel when necessary for school attendance. This completed

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Before the student with asthma enters school, it is important to prepare for his or Health Plan (IHP)Section 504 Plan and a School Emergency Asthma Plan ) provides for: back to top opportunities for collaborative planning and problem- solving among staff and

related to asthma ineffective airway clearance. 1. Student will signssymptoms of Asthma: persistent coughing School Nurse: . Date of IHP: The student will comply with written plans (IHP with ECP, which are based on the student39s Asthma Action Plan) for asthma management to attain or maintain