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27 Aug 2010 As such, the more common causes of herpes transmission are kissing, or direct skin-to-skin contact during vaginal, anal, or oral sex with Herpes. Herpes is a very common skin disease. It39s caused by a virus and can affect your mouth (oral) Herpes is transmitted through direct skin-to-skin contact

25 Jun 2013 Transmission of Genital Herpes. Genital herpes is spread by sexual activity through skin-to-skin contact. The risk of infection is highest during

Herpes is a very common infection that is caused by one of two different types of . HSV-2 is transmitted through skin-to-skin contact, not through bodily fluids, Most people get HSV-1 (herpes simplex type 1) as an infant or child. This virus can be spread by skin-to-skin contact with an adult who carries the virus. An adult Herpes Herpes is transmitted by skin to skin contact. Herpes can be transmitted without symptoms

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HSV-1 and HSV-2 are transmitted through direct contact, including kissing, sexual contact (vaginal, oral, or anal sex), or skin-to-skin contact. Genital herpes can Herpes gladiatorum is one of the most infectious of herpes-caused diseases, and is transmissible by skin-to-skin contact. The disease was first described in the

Herpes simplex is an infection of the skin with the herpes simplex virus. This can be caught from another person after direct skin-to-skin contact, mouth contact, HSV-1 is typically spread by contact with infected saliva, while HSV-2 is usually spread sexually or via the mother39s genital tract to her newborn baby. HSV-1