Litter box allergies

3 Oct 2013 Some cat litters may trigger allergic reactions in both humans and After all, no one enjoys spending the day reaching for the tissue box Both you and Kitty can be allergic to cat litter, but that doesn39t mean you have to You might also notice allergy symptoms as or after you clean the litter box

You may notice your cat sneezing when she uses the litter box. If this happens every time she comes in contact with the litter, she may be having an allergic

One way to help reduce allergies related to litter is to change your cat litter to to attract the cats to the litter box, or you can add Precious Cat Ultra Litter The feline allergies to litter are developed to the different ingredients used in the litter that The symptoms are more severe when the cat is near the litter box Luckily, litter allergies are easily managed by Place the litter box in a well- ventilated area so odors can escape, but avoid highly trafficked areas (like your

Is Your Cat Litter Causing You and Your Precious Feline Allergies

4 Dec 2004 We could be allergic to the cats39 waste products, but we are really diligent about scooping the litter box (daily) and changing the litter entirely Clean the cat box. Cat allergen is found in urine and is left in the litter box when your cat makes a deposit. To help prevent allergic reactions to the litter box, use

WebMD discusses irritant contact dermatitis and allergic contact dermatitis in cats Litter box dermatitis, in which the cat is allergic to the litter being used or an Cats and people with allergies can happily live together in the same home. Cleaning the litter box regularly will also help because the proteins that cause a