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I was diagnosed with stage 3 bowel cancer two years ago at the age of 23. I had been experiencing a range of symptoms for about five years, including rectal View messages from patients providing insights into their medical experiences with Colon Cancer - Diagnosis. Share in the message dialogue to help others

Once you39ve been diagnosed with colon cancer, your doctor will order tests to determine the extent (stage) of your cancer. Staging helps determine what

Learn about the diagnosis and treatment of colorectal cancer Being diagnosed with cancer will come as a terrible shock for most people. You may look back on the experience and remember it as all being 39a bit of a blur39 If your symptoms suggest you may have bowel cancer, or the diagnosis is uncertain, you will be referred to your local hospital initially for a simple examination

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Finding colorectal cancer early is the key to beating it. There are many different tests to detect colorectal cancer. Here you39ll learn what to expect from each test I have been ill for over 5 months and just found out I have colon cancer. Are there any thoughts from others that it took too long to diagnose and

1 Nov 2014 In case of symptoms or an abnormal screening test, more testing can help find out if it39s cancer. Learn about colorectal cancer diagnosis tests If you have recently been diagnosed with colon cancer you probably have quite a few questions and some worries. This section aims to help you find the