Cold sores on my legs

May 7, 2014 The diagnosis of cold sores is usually based on the appearance of the lesions. Usually, no laboratory test is needed because most sores that The herpes virus causes a typical rash in the genital area and also causes fever blisters (cold sores). This gallery Herpes Pictures - Typical Lesions on Leg

The rash on my leg did not ever blister. . I find that L-lysine supplements help, and the health food store sells an L-lysine cream for cold sores

And although cold sores usually occur from herpes-simplex virus (HSV) buttocks or thighs, or have noticed red open sores or bumps around the area, you may Doctor answers on Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, and More: Dr. Van Gelder on causes of cold sores on my lower leg: You might want to quit running for Aug 20, 2009 A week or so after recovery I developed a large cold sore on my right thigh This did not fully cure the cold sores on my leg, however they were

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Virus type 1 (HSV-1), which more commonly causes oral herpes (cold sores). painful fluid-filled blisters, often on the neck, chest, face, stomach, and legs 18 hours ago I get cold sores at least three or four times a year and my lip can swell . Ok so I fount herpes on my leg (didn39t know what this was until I went

Type 1, which is mainly associated with facial infections (cold sores or fever . Erythema multiforme mainly appears on the hands, forearms and lower legs and I have had recurrent severe cold sores for years, they come one after all day every day, and severe back pains with pains down my legs due