Coumadin and eye surgery

Many of the patients encountered by today39s eye surgeon have been placed on . Is it safe to proceed with intraocular surgery with the patient on Coumadin The doctors at North Shore Eye Care can perform safe surgery for cataract patients on The most common are coumadin, plavix, aspirin, and vitamin E. These

Coumadin does not generally need to be stopped prior to cataract surgery. Patients ALSO having glaucoma surgery may need to stop several days ahead,

10 Feb 2006 For instance, brain or eye surgery can be dangerous while on blood thinners. For those of us on Coumadin, we know all to well about this 17 Jan 2007 A patient who takes warfarin (Coumadin) for atrial fibrillation and valve replacement is about to undergo cataract surgery. Should I stop the Two of 26 eyes (7.7) in group S and two of 12 eyes (16.7) in group HT The effect of warfarin anticoagulation on vitreoretinal surgery is largely unknown

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13 Nov 2011 Should warfarin (Coumadin) be stopped before cataract surgery If so, how many days prior to the procedure is recommended Colette Clin Experiment Ophthalmol. 2000 Dec28(6):419-22. Warfarin therapy and cataract surgery. Morris A(1), Elder MJ. Author information: (1)Department of

If removing a cataract only for improvement in vision, then surgery is elective. However, patients What if I am using blood thinners like Coumadin Unlike other 12 May 2011 Consider that in a prospective cohort study assessing warfarin interruption . In patients who require cataract surgery, clinicians may consider