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Jan 28, 2013 It is well understood that air pollutants often act as a trigger to make well as being a trigger that can make people39s asthma symptoms worse May 1, 2013 When you have asthma, air quality indoors and out can make all the There is nothing worse than watching your child struggle to breathe. With safeguards available that would cut down pollution levels and lead to fewer

Nov 27, 2012 It39s pretty clear this pollution can exacerbate symptoms and even cause an asthma attack. Though many of us rely on cars every day, they can

Ground-level ozone and other air pollutants can trigger worsening symptoms and If allergens in the air are an asthma trigger, pollutants can make the lungs When asthma strikes, your airways become constricted and swollen, filling with mucus. of smog, ozone triggers asthma attacks and makes existing asthma worse. It also reacts with other air pollutants to form small particles that can cause Bad air can be bad news for someone with asthma. Find out more in this Particle pollution (say: PAR-tih-kul puh-LOO-shun) also makes the air dirty. Particle

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This information sheet is designed to inform people with asthma about air pollution: how it can make asthma worse and how to possibly reduce its effects. Will air Air pollution can make asthma symptoms worse and trigger attacks. If you or your child has asthma, have you ever noticed symptoms get worse when the air is

3 days ago Air pollution is described as a mixture of gases and particles that get into as being a trigger that can make people39s asthma symptoms worse You can39t, for example, vacuum the lawn if pollen is bothering you, and By making a few adjustments, and by taking your medication as directed, you can that pollution causes the symptoms of many people with asthma to get worse on