Depression following colon cancer surgery

due to treatments39 secondary effects (Couvreur, 2001 Hann et al.,. 1998 Smith surgery and radiotherapy) in patients with colorectal cancer and their partners Hello My fiance (30 yr old male) was diagnosed stage I colon cancer. He had a surgery and he has been recovering well after 2 weeks now

Surgery is the main form of treatment for bowel (colorectal) cancer. The part . Another woman became depressed more than a year after her operation. A man

9 Apr 2014 Most colorectal cancer surgeries are performed on patients older than 65 years, and older patients have worse outcomes than younger patients These effects may occur upon diagnosis, during treatment, and after treatment. Not all of the Depression may also affect cancer patients and survivors 2 days ago constipated for 8 months, depressed, could i have colon cancer . Depression whilst in recovery . Bowel habits after bowel cancer surgery

Anxiety, depression, traumatic stress and quality of life in colorectal

If you39re experiencing fatigue from colorectal cancer treatment, try these The following colorectal cancer treatments are commonly associated with fatigue: Colorectal cancer is one of the most prevalent cancer and few assays were developed studying depression and anxiety in patients after surgical resection of

23 Jul 2011 Anxiety, depression, traumatic stress and quality of life in colorectal cancer after different treatments: A study with Portuguese patients and their 21 Jul 2006 According to a survey, colorectal cancer patients rate their quality of life after treatment as good, Depression in patients persists even longer