Herpeselect negative

He never did a culture but did do herpeselect blood test. Thats when it was negative, he was not convinced so took a second test 7 weeks later 28 Jun 2012 These tests included those for HIV, Herpes (Herpeselect IgG type-specific), Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, and Syphilis. At the time, I tested negative

A negative result does not rule out infection, because the specimen may have been collected before antibodies reached detectable levels.2 HerpeSelect can

The Kalon and HerpeSelect ELISAs had similar sensitivities (93.5 and 93.8 Samples with optical density index values lt0.9 were recorded as negative, Selected serum specimens collected from a low-risk population of women in Hanoi, Vietnam, which were positive, equivocal, and negative by the HerpeSelect I39m not satisfied with this, and want him to get the HerpeSelect test Has anyone ever gotten a false negative result from the HerpeSelect test

HSV 1 IGG herpeselect AB: Sexually Transmitted Diseases

exam alone, and a positive culture should be considered accurate for making a diagnosis. In one study, culture had a 76 false negative rate compared to PCR A new point-of-care rapid assay for the detection of HSV-2 (HerpeSelect Express and 1 was classified as a false-negative HerpeSelect Express test result

On the 10th day I had a Herpeselect IGM amp IGG blood test done for HSV 1 The results showed 39negative39 for both IGM tests with reference 2 Apr 2008 Concordance was high (99) for sera that were negative by HerpeSelect or had high index values (gt3.5). Defining infection detected by HSV-2