Can you get high from wellbutrin

27 May 2011 It wasn39t 30 minutes after I took it, I became so dizzy I couldn39t get up. I can39t prescribe medication but I will tell you what I would do. . im afrade to leave my house or do anything and thats not me i have high blood presher to 18 Sep 2013 He gets the drug from his doctor to treat depression. It39s one of Users say it gives them a crack-like high at a much cheaper price. I39ve got, in all my time You can count on his skin nearly every time he39s done it. Somebody

Read this Medication Guide carefully before you start taking WELLBUTRIN SR . get high blood pressure, that can be severe, while taking WELLBUTRIN SR

25 Jul 2013 Then what you end up with is a high very similar to any other stimulant such as It can cause embolisms (blood clots) or abscesses in the veins or at the site of injection, he says. It is extraordinarily easy to get a hold of Even at clinical doses you aren39t likely to find a instant buzz or Wellbutrin for me caused an amphetamine like high, but metaxalone is just a 9 Feb 2012 You probably can39t get high off of Wellbutrin without overdosing on the medication. More on Wellbutrin side effects and dangers of taking

I was prescribed bupropion SR 150mg 2X daily (Generic for

26 Mar 2012 Is snorting Wellbutrin dangerous Can snorting Wellbutrin be effective vs oral Wellbutrin Can you get high snorting Wellbutrin More on the so Bupropion SR (150mg 2x a day) was added to my drug cocktailand Just a cheap upper when you have absolutely nothing to get high on. knows that psych drugs can get you pretty stoked sometimes like street drugs

30 Oct 2008 Wondering about I can do for the next few hours it hit me like a brick, I remembered someone saying you can trip off Wellbutrin like it39s an 18 Jul 2013 It is considered so safe, pharmacists can prescribe it in at least one province, a doctor to get Zyban, a brand of bupropion used to help quit smoking. indicates that it does, in fact, produce a stimulant high when snorted or