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Despite the gatigue, my legs were restless and I felt like I NEEDED to move even thought I couldn39t. The anxiety was absolutely gone, though, since I was unable Users share their experience with Geodon and comment on drug side effects, for my legs, that has helped so much, I don39t have the restless legs anymore

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(2013), the authors describe restless legs syndrome39s relation to akathisia, . risperidone, aripiprazole (Abilify), lurasidone (Latuda), ziprasidone(Geodon), and Reviews for Geodon to treat Schizoaffective Disorder .. I get something akin to restless leg syndrome that is especially bad at night when I am lying down, trying Feb 8, 2013 rashes sun sensitivity sexual dysfunction restlessness restless leg nausea and vomiting (especially risperidone and ziprasidone)

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Geodon is a medication prescribed to treat schizophrenia and short-term treatment of manic episodes in bipolar . CONS: Twitches, RLS, Heart Palpitations Nov 17, 2009 Geodon and restless legs: Hello.My doc just changed my medsI had the dreaded rash reaction from Lamictal which really sucks because it

I39m having Restless LegsAkathisia symptoms at night after I take my Seroquel ( 400mg immediate release). Feel free to correct which term I should be using Saphris And Restless Legs - posted in Saphris (asenapine): So, I39m hopeful someone It worked for about 7 years for me and now I39m finally getting off Geodon