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10 Mar 2008 Most animals can manufacture vitamin C in their bodies and do not require vitamin C in the diet. Guinea pigs, humans, and other primates Guinea pig39s teeth are open-rooted, that is they continue to grow The only supplement a healthy cavy needs is Vitamin C. The vitamin drops that you buy at the

Like people, guinea pigs lack the physical ability to manufacture their own vitamin C, and require an outside source of vitamin C in the form of vegetables and

They also contain a natural source of vitamins that your guinea pig needs, especially the all important vitamin c. Reasons why vitamin c is important. Vitamin c is Because this is true, Vitamin C must be supplied to guinea pigs through food or supplement intake. Guinea pigs failing to receive adequate levels of Vitamin C Actual requirements can vary from one guinea pig to another. Young, pregnant, and ill pigs need more vitamin C than the average pig. Some sources suggest a

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Unlike most animals, but similar to humans, guinea pigs can39t manufacture vitamin C on their own and must have supplemental vitamin C in their diet 24 Aug 2012 Guinea pigs require daily vitamin C supplements to stay healthy and strong. Learn an easy way to give daily doses of vitamin C to your guinea

Supplemental Vitamin C is a dietary requirement for the guinea pig : Guinea pigs cannot manufacture their own vitamin C and require 10 to 30 mgkg daily to prevent scurvy. While many guinea pigs