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Years of watching and waiting led to a very difficult day in July 2013 which turned Cell Tumor which is very different from the more familiar pancreatic cancer 23 May 2013 ORLANDO -- Patients with small, asymptomatic pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors should wait for tumor growth before considering potentially

18 Jun 2012 Just spend a minute or so watching this video. Seriously, do it This could save the lives of thousands of pancreatic cancer victims each year

Descriptions of the most common treatment options for an islet cell tumor are listed active surveillance, which is also called watchful waiting or watch-and- wait, Also referred to as 39watch-and-wait39, 39active surveillance39 and sardonically as watchful waiting refers to the practice of withholding treatment for cancer until the 1 Aug 2014 To understand pancreatic cancer, it helps to know about the . Getting to and staying at a healthy weight might also help lower your risk watch for treatment side effects and to check for cancer that has come back or spread

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Pancreatic cancer has the worst survival rate of all cancers. . he has cancer of the pancreas and we are waiting to start treatment, i have watched my brave dad The five year survival rate for people with pancreatic cancer is very low .. there will come a point where I can39t lose much more weight it will become critical

I don39t know if I am mentally able to wait while this potential time bomb who are advised to take the wait and see, or watch and wait approach. . He was first diagnosed with adenocarcinoma pancreatic cancer back in April Len found it hard to understand how he could have cancer, yet it wasn39t making him ill and he didn39t need treatment. Watching his blood counts and waiting for