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May 13, 2014 Pradaxa users had an increased risk of major GI bleeding vs. the warfarin users. This finding is consistent with the Randomized Evaluation of Mar 26, 2013 Pulmonary embolism was lower compared to warfarin for both doses of dabigatran. . that Boehringer promoted Pradaxa as being safer than coumadin. This is wonderful news the use of dabigatran as an anticoagulant is

Should patients switched to generic warfarin receive closer monitoring News amp Perspective . evaluated in studies that compared the effects of any generic versus brand name warfarin. . A randomized crossover study to compare the efficacy and tolerability of Barr warfarin sodium to the currently available Coumadin

May 7, 2012 Aspirin works as well as the blood thinner warfarin, or Coumadin, in most patients with heart failure when it comes to preventing death, stroke or Jennie McKee. Aspirin may be a more effective prophylaxis than warfarin in preventing venous Overall, the researchers found that aspirin offered many benefits compared to warfarin. http:www.aaos.orgnewsaaosnowjun13 clinical1.asp May 31, 2013 WebMD Health News WebMD News Archive For many years, the blood thinner Coumadin (warfarin) was the only game in town to help

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Sep 7, 2011 Results from the company-sponsored ROCKET-AF study found that rivaroxaban ( Xarelto) was at least as good as warfarin for stroke prevention May 3, 2012 The news is based on a well-designed trial looking at aspirin and warfarin that compared their safety and effectiveness when treating patients

What you need to Know. Categories: News You may need to take warfarin ( Coumadin) for a few weeks, months, or the rest of your life. While taking warfarin Jul 8, 2014 The study also found an increased risk of major gastrointestinal bleeding with use of Pradaxa as compared to warfarin. The MI risk was similar