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Hope this helps someone intersted on such a nice boat. JPaes 24 Foot Sailboat Hull and deck - 600 Reply to: I sewed the sail from a kit. Sailing Rowing without the sailing rig. Second Boat. A somewhat bigger project a Fred Bingham Allegra 24 we named Kalliska

18 Jan 2009 Allegra 24 Sailboat Good Old Boat Article - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text file (.txt) or read online for free. An Article that appeared in

ALLEGRA CUTTER 24 STAYSAILPrice This SailLuff22.75ft heavy cruiser, this boat would definitely top my list for a 28-30 ft Cruising sailboat About the ALLEGRA 24 sailboat. Information on more than 8000 other sailboats, dinghies and sailing yachts This little sailboat has so many bluewater passages, ocean crossings, and storm survival Allegra 24: If you like the Flicka, you39ll find an additional 4 feet of

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26 Oct 2014 Under sail the Allegra 24 leaves all comparisons to the Flicka 20 behind. She39s a fast boat, one of the fastest pocket cruisers in her class 11 Feb 2011 Allegra 24, 1989. Bellingham Washington, Seattle. Hull, deck, and all structural bulkheads were professionally built by Scandia Custom Yacht

1 Jun 2014 Allegra 24 sailboat. It was 2:00 AM and completely calm when we slowly motored into the Isthmus, there were hundreds of boats in the jam These are a couple of boats I penciled in on our short list. A forum search came Have you seen this Allegra 24 Sailboat Good Old Boat Article