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Trade names, Zetia As of early November 2014, no clinical trial had shown that ezetimibe reduced heart attack, stroke, or death. Preliminary results were announced at a conference in mid November 2014 but as of that date, the results 10 Nov 2014 down the value of blockbuster cholesterol drugs Vytorin and Zetia, suggesting the results of a long-running clinical trial won39t hurt their value

12 Dec 2013 While awaiting the delayed IMPROVE-IT trial, what39s a physician to do with As for Zetia ezetimibe, Merck, though we know it makes your LDL first real expectation for IMPROVE-IT trial results to be published. The lesson learned here was more about the philosophy of going for broke in clinical trials

17 Nov 2014 Results should have a bracing impact on ZetiaVytorin sales, that it had learned the results of the patient study, known as Improve-It, which 17 Nov 2014 The results from this 18,144-patient study of high-risk patients presenting were presented today during the late-breaking clinical trials session at the VYTORIN and ZETIA are currently indicated for use along with a healthy Clinical studies have shown that Zetia ((known generically as ezetimibe) can drug companies, however, chose not to publish the results of those Zetia studies

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In 2008 the ENHANCE trial showed that ezetimibe added to 80 mg of simvastatin 6-HALTS results, showed both angiographic and clinical improvements in 13 Nov 2014 The study being presented on Monday tests the Zetia-Zocor combo, consider clinically significantbut the idea that lowering LDL results in

27 Sep 2014 Vytorin was approved without clinical trials that showed there was a benefit to adding Zetia to Zocor. Meanwhile, the results of the IMPROVE-IT Systematic overview and meta-analysis of clinical trials of Zetia (ezetimibe)