Mosquitos and b vitamins

7212010018332Odalice Yolanda Feliz. Damn mosquitos, thank god for bug repellent or vitamin B12 in ur case Theres no doubt mosquitoes prefer some people over others, but can vitamin B turn someone who is usually a target for mosquitoes into a turn-off

There is no scientific evidence that B vitamins can be taken to keep mosquitoes away. Discover how the vitamin B and mosquito myth was discredited with information

8162013018332None of the B vitamins -- B-12 included -- will help prevent mosquito bites. Vitamin B-12 helps prevent and treat anemia. If you take vitamin B-12 552010018332mosquito wars begin, anything can look like a weapon to itchy outdoor enthusiasts. But experts say many home remedies are mostly sizzle and little 2192014018332Vitamin B1 may be useful as a natural mosquito repellent, but more research is needed. Photo Credit close up on a mosquito image by Stephen Gibson

Can vitamin B12 prevent mosquito-transmitted diseases

Thiamine or thiamin or vitamin B 1, named as the thio-vitamine (sulfur-containing vitamin) is a water-soluble vitamin of the B complex. First named aneurin for Does Vitamin B1 Repel Mosquitoes. Whether its the beginning of spring, the heat of summer or cooler fall days, mosquitoes seem to have no trouble finding you. You

622011018332Q. Years ago my father heard that large doses of B vitamins (sorry, I dont remember which ones) would repel mosquitoes. Apparently it changed the smell Written by Bean Thiamine, The Natural Mosquito Insect Repellent This section on Thiamine, Vitamin B1 as a Natural Mosquito Insect Repellent concludes that it is