Cervical cancer surery

13 Oct 2014 Laser surgery is used to treat carcinoma in situ of the cervix (stage 0) (See the section, How are cervical cancers and pre-cancers diagnosed Descriptions of the most common treatment options for cervical cancer are Surgery is the removal of the tumor and surrounding tissue during an operation

2 Jun 2014 This section tells you about surgery for cancer of the cervix. It is not about treatment for abnormal cervical smears, which is on a different page

14 Oct 2014 There are several kinds of surgery for cervical cancer 22 Oct 2014 Surgery (removing the cancer in an operation) is sometimes used to treat cervical cancer. The following surgical procedures may be used: Surgery to remove cervical cancer may be an option when the cancer is confined to the cervix or uterus. The type of surgery performed depends on the location

Surgery for cervical cancer

2 Jun 2014 If you have surgery for early cervical cancer you will usually need to have surgery to remove your womb (hysterectomy). For very early cervical 2 Jun 2014 Surgery for advanced cancer can involve many of the parts in your lower abdomen. All the cancer will need to be removed. This may include

Read about cervical cancer surgery. At CTCA, we offer several surgical procedures, including hysterectomies, for women with early and advanced stages of the Find out about the different types of surgery for cervical cancer