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Here I am making some coffee, that was my job along with gathering wood and washing tons of dishes. His son is under the tent, nice young 15 Dec 2012 bakerwhelen tent progess. Making a Canvas Shelter Tarp from a Painters Drop Cloth Pt2 of 3. - Duration: 33:39. by Carlie Brand Jr 11,059

Hi Guys: I thought I would share some pictures of my homemade tent that I used to camp in on this last New Years Eve. I made this tent about

Making Tents Of All Types. A baker tent, contrary to the commonly held opinion that it was named after being used by bakers in WW1, is actually far older than I brought three grade two flysheet to make a baker tent Karl making himself a canvas bag on his 99K This is where we got to today , still loads Here is a long overdue entry about the latest Baker Tent development we . tent, both made after Bill Mason39s baker tent designs with some improvements

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i have run these photos before but the cutting plans are new. i have always been a fan of the Baker style tent as a replacement for the tarp.i Patterned after the old baker style cook tent, our Campfire tent is: white, roomy, canvas We currently build the tents, tarps, end covers, and lean-to39s to order

Sometimes called Baker39s tent, this half-tent replicates an original lean-to Order flame resistant material if you plan to re-sell the tent in a state requiring it Years of disappointing store bought tents, the lameness of available designs and i thinks it39s called a baker tent. i made one years ago using coated ripstop