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Usually chickenpox is a benign illness, but in a pregnant woman it can cause serious complications for mother and baby. Luckily, more than 90 percent of Most pregnant women in the UK and Ireland have had chickenpox and are during pregnancy can cause complications both for the woman and her baby

No, to be safe, it39s best for a pregnant woman to avoid contact with kids who have chicken pox. If you39re pregnant and you39re sure that you had chicken pox as a

For example, about one pregnant woman in 10 with chickenpox develops If you had chickenpox as a child, you have no reason to avoid people with Chickenpox during pregnancy can cause complications, both for the pregnant woman and the unborn baby. However, the actual risk of any complications 9 Sep 2014 If a pregnant woman gets chickenpox while in the first or early second trimester of pregnancy, there is a small chance (0.4 2.0) that the baby

Chickenpox During Pregnancy - Parents

Most adults in the UK have had chickenpox as a child, and so are immune to it. However, about 3 in 1000 pregnant women develop chickenpox. If you have Contracting chickenpox during pregnancy can be a problem for both the mother and the baby. For mothers the greatest risk comes from contracting chickenpox

Not sure if you could contract viruses like chickenpox Learn more at Re: Is it safe to be around a child who has the chickenpox while I39m pregnant The Bump 14 Jul 2014 But to answer your questions, there is a very small risk in non-immune pregnant women that should they come into contact with chickenpox