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Breast Cancer Discussion Forums - Access the shared knowledge of thousands of Saw my primary doc and he dx39d rotator cuff tendinitis (no Rotator cuff disease is a potential cause of shoulder pain in breast cancer survivors 1-2. A number of factors including poor posture, muscle tightness, altered

7 Jan 2014 The rotator cuff is a common spot for injuries. The most common are tears, strains , tendinitis, and bursitis

19 Dec 2011 Shoulder Pain Rotator cuff injuries are very common. further explain what theissue may be and do I need to worry about a cancer diagnosis 15 Oct 2014 Read about rotator cuff disease, damage to any of the four tendons that stabilize the shoulder joint. Shoulder pain and tenderness are common 21 Oct 2014 tendon that tears. Injuries to the rotator cuff are probably the commonest of shoulder problems. Prostate Cancer middot Psoriasis middot Rotator Cuff

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30 Nov 2011 During a physical exam for a rotator cuff disorder Click here to see more information. , your doctor will look at your shoulder for signs of swelling 12 Mar 2014 Symptoms of a rotator cuff disorder include pain, stiffness, and general weakness in your shoulder. It may be uncomfortable or impossible to do

7 Jun 2011 A rotator cuff tear causes shoulder pain and limits movement of the shoulder joint. A chronic degenerative change or impingement is the reason The rotator cuff is a group of tough, flexible fibers (tendons Click here to see more information. ) and muscles in the shoulder Click here to see an illustration