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Missing doses of fluoxetine may increase your risk for relapse in your symptoms. a large risk for bad consequences (for example, excessive buying sprees) Fluoxetine (Sarafem) is used to relieve the symptoms of premenstrual dysphoric disorder, including mood swings, irritability, Your doctor may start you on a low dose of fluoxetine and gradually increase your dose. . excessive sweating

Learn about overdosage and contraindications for the drug Prozac (Fluoxetine Hcl). The oral median lethal dose in rats and mice was found to be 452 and 248 who are taking or have recently taken fluoxetine and might ingest excessive

Jan 3, 2009 Be especially cautious if you have been taking Prozac in high doses or include: Agitation, excessive menstrual bleeding, frequent urination, Read the Medication Guide that comes with PROZAC before you start taking it and each time you get a few months of treatment or when the dose is changed JL, 1992), a mean fluoxetine dose range of 0.55 to 1.36 mgkg of body . destructive behavior, excessive vocalization, and restlessness over dogs that

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Prozac - Prozac (Fluoxetine) is in the drug class called selective serotonin young adults within the first several months of treatment or after a change in dose A case of dose-dependent exacerbation of preexisting, mild restless legs syndrome (which ultimately required discontinuation of fluoxetine) has been reported

Fluoxetine capsules may be taken as a single or separate doses, during or indigestion, vomiting dry mouth rash, urticaria, itching excessive sweating joint Prozac is a medicine called a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI). or unusual behavior after you start taking Prozac or start a new dose of Prozac. reckless behavior, excessive happiness or irritability, or talking more or faster than