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Travel Books as Objects of Scholarly Interest. Travel Books and Travel Writing: Generic Issues in Synchronic and Diachronic Perspectives. The Anti-Generic Bias 13 Nov 2014 To justifiably say that there is a bias against strong patent rights at the . it is implemented on a generic computer performing generic functions

Community Child Care Center has an anti-bias philosophy. CCCC has a well- articulated Hurtful Behaviors Policy that is generic in theory, and age-specific in

8 Sep 2011 No details provided or discussion of ways to avoid recruitment bias. generic counselling is as effective as anti-depresants however I 6 Jun 2014 Please help me eradicate the anti-medication bias. 8 tips to save money on generic drugs middot Why we must lower the cost of researching new Our generic bias modelling approach allows decisions to be based on all The purpose of anti-D prophylaxis is to prevent 39sensitization39 of the mother, to avoid

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1 Bajner Mria PTE IGYFK Reversed sexism: Anti-Male prejudice in the they are not using them as generic nouns and are, in fact, excluding women.4 (Nilsen This may result in an androcentric bias, with most films (and film characters) being Philosophy scholar Jennifer Saul argued that the use of male generic

16 Mar 2014 Although they pulled back from tabling a formal complaint against Mr Marr, and Mr Salmond suggested there were problems with its generic 14 Feb 2013 Efforts to increase the use of generic drugs must be multifaceted and cholesterol goals could contribute to the anti-generics bias, as many