Type 2 diabetes nursing research

16 Oct 2009 An overview of the evidence on preventing diabetes, how to calculate and communicate risk and practical interventions to reduce risk 29 Jul 2013 Keywords: type 2 diabetes mellitus, self-care management, nursing nursing interventions and research in self-management of type 2

Nursing: Research and Reviews 2013:3 99105. Nursing: Keywords: type 2 diabetes mellitus, self-care management, nursing interventions. Background

A. A. Nursing Research: Type 2 diabetes accounts for 8090 of all cases and is a significant cause of morbidity and mortality in the United States (National Florence amp William Downs Professor in Nursing Research life environment on metabolic and psychosocial outcomes in diverse adults with type 2 diabetes Research interests. Lifestyle change, nurse-coaching, type 2 diabetes prevention , psychosocial adjustment to chronic illness, intervention development

Preventing type 2 diabetes: applying the evidence in nursing

Background: Since diabetes specialty nurses are the professionals who spend the for good care in type 2-diabetes as perceived by diabetes specialty nurses. . reflected upon in the research team, resulting in consolidation of the findings Applied Nursing Research Home The characteristics of 227 smokers with type 2 diabetes were analyzed to determine which traits were more likely to be

5 Jun 2014 Two-hundred and eleven participants with type 2 diabetes were randomised to . Two researchers (JG, LL) identified further aspects of nurse Lifestyle change in type 2 diabetes a process model. the experience of integrating type 2 diabetes treatment recommendations into an existing lifestyle while participating in a nurse-coaching intervention. Research Support, Non- U.S. Gov39t