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Apr 23, 2011 The video is about the first few test flights that weren39t too sucessful, a. Flying Flea model scratch build from Colin Reynold39s plans - Duration: The best example are the current plans (feb 2004) of the Mignet HM 16 or HM 160. I ordered the plans of the HM160 in 1996 at Flying Flea Archive USA

Personally, I have plans for the original Mignet HM.290 (all on one sheet), HM. 360

The Flying Flea (Pou du Ciel literally Louse of the Sky in French) is a large the HM.1 to the HM.8, a monoplane that was the first of his designs that really flew. HM.16 Pou-B:b: (Baby Pou): 1936, single-seat lightweight Pou, 25 hp Ava Build Log RBC Kits HM-16 Pou du Ciel (Flying Flea) Scale KitScratch If you have a servo problem with the plans location, you will have to In 1934, he published the plans and building instructions in his book Le Sport de l39Air. The HM.14 led to more than 300 different models of the Flying Flea. HM. 16 Pou-Bb (Baby Pou) - 1936, single-seat lightweight Pou, 25 hp Ava engine

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The early 1930s HM.14 Flying Flea, or to give it its original name, built aircraft for which plans were readily available and widely used. First flying in .. The HM. 14 was followed in 1936 by the HM.16 Pou-Bebe (Baby Pou) which was a light flying flea. Henri Mignet is in France the Saint Patron of the homebuilders. Inside the book all plans were available to built yourself this remarkable, small . I still need to draw a lot of them. HM16. HM293. HM360. HM380. HM-Sakura

Translated by. THE AIR LEAGUE OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE. Disclaimer. REVISED HM 14 PLANS ARE AVAILABLE FROM FLYING FLEA ARCHIVE USA NOTE There are no MIGNET plans, official or unoffical, for the HM16. Various builders have various ideas as to what will work safely. Please use caution