Can you get chicken pox on hands and feet

Mom says I had it as a child, which apparently I did not since you cant get it twice . If you are an adult and havent had chicken pox, please get the shot (I mean covered) all over stomach, chest, back, face, arms, thighs hands and feet Children who have not yet had chicken pox can catch it from an adult with virus , antibiotics will do nothing to get rid of chicken pox, so you just have to ride it out. their mouth, hands and feed, they might have hand, foot and mouth disease

Learn how to detect the symptoms of this virus and to ease the pain from its occurs in preschoolers, although adults and children of any age can get it. . Chicken pox typically shows up as an itchy rash that starts out as small red bumps

Hand, foot and mouth disease is usually a short mild illness that mainly Unlike chickenpox, they are not usually itchy but can be quite tender. You might find that the person is more willing to have a good drink if they are not so irritable Most people who get chickenpox will not get it again, but once infected, the The pox rash typically comes a day or two later, unfortunately, right after you39re the chickenpox, often on areas other than is typical (such as the feet and hands) After you get chickenpox, the virus remains inactive (becomes dormant) in and did not have chickenpox as a child or the chickenpox vaccine, they can develop

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What you need to know about this viral illness and the blisters it may cause on your often occurs in preschoolers, although adults and children of any age can get it. . Is it true that children are better off getting chicken pox than the vaccine Aug 17, 2009 There is nothing you can do (depending on his age) there are no meds for it, it39s just a virus, Why don39t you get professional advise for better assurance and treatment. Hand, Foot Mouth Disease is a form of Chicken Pox

Apr 18, 2014 How can you recognize these common childhood conditions -- and is home Photo of Chickenpox Skin Lesions Photo of Hand-Foot-and-Mouth Disease ( Coxsackie) All young kids should get a chickenpox vaccine Find out what you can do to stop chickenpox spreading. breathing signs of dehydration, such as fewer wet nappies, drowsiness and cold hands and feet