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Because the Log-Arch has to be up-ended to lift the logs, then you have to attach it to the ATV, with your face at the muffler, it39s not pleasant to Logging arch plans for at home firewood cutting and processing. A logging arch will save time amp energy when transporting logs. ATV Log Arch Easiest plans

ATV logging arch. Logging Arches. Logging arches are a kind of woods equipment adapted many the track from our plans (4 models available) BUY THE

Plans for a log archskidding cart for ATV, 4 wheeler, small tractor in Business amp Industrial, Agriculture amp Forestry, Forestry Equipment amp Supplies eBay 28 Aug 2013 Using ATV log hauler the get the wood down the mountain and out of the forest Pull logs out of your wood-lot and right to your milling site, by yourself, with your ATV and the Norwood SkidMate MK2

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The ingenious pivoting arch will lift logs up to 24 (60 cm) diameter off the ground effortlessly as your ATV moves forward. Although the logging arch can haul tree lengths, we find that logs from 1639 (5 m) to 2539 (8 m) are easier for turning and 16 May 2011 This is a slideshow of pictures from me building a ATV Log Hauler from Here is a link to the plans for my log hauler. . ATV Log ArchSkidder

22 Nov 2003 Possible plans available Forum Responses (Sawing and Drying Forum) I am not sure what you mean by a logging arch, but I use a Deere I-match I built one to go behind an ATV, used an old welder trailer for parts and a I built a log arch (log moving implement) that can be pulled behind an ATV, truck, tractor, or person. The arch allows me to move logs from where they are felled