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Jan 20, 2009 There is an ad by Google to the left of these forum posts. It claims a 48 day cure and you are herpes virus free forever. The ad is by Doctors give trusted answers on uses, effects, side-effects, and cautions: Dr. Fowler on cellfood oxygen for herpes: No this does not happen in humans

Sep 30, 2005 There is no known cure for the herpes virus with the use of . Cellfood, one of the original products for providing oxygen therapy, is a powerful

Aug 20, 2012 Dr. Hulda Clark talks about the different viruses that make up the Herpes virus family in her book, The Cure for All Disease. You can download Seed and Neem Extracts, Ivy-Dry and Kale for how to cure Genital Herpes. L- Lysine, Apple Cider Vinegar, Cayenne middot L-Lysine, Oregano Oil, Cell Food So, I39ve been taking this high performance oxygennutritional supplement known as Cellfood for about 3 months now, and it is the first product

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HI, I am new to this forum, but not to genital hepres, I have had since I was a teen and I am now 41. I have aganozied after being infected. My heart goes out to Aug 16, 2013 Cellfood is a nutritional supplement that promises to increase oxygen While, as of 2011 there was no known treatment for herpes, antiviral

In the present study we have clearly evidenced that Cellfood is a nutritional . suffering from herpes zoster were treated with injections of ozoneoxygen for a Herpes is a family of viruses, each one responsible for a different set of symptoms . Immunosuppression due to AIDS or such medications as chemotherapy or steroids Cellfood: Mix 40 drops in a liter of pure water and sip all day long. 3