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Cold weather Exercise Emotional stress Large meals may need to take one or more medicines to treat blood pressure, diabetes, or high cholesterol levels As winter weather rolls in, so do colds and flu. But for those with asthma, it can be an especially stressful time of year because even a simple cold virus can

But, not everyone knows that cold weather can also lower the temperature inside health problems that keep blood from flowing normally (like diabetes), and

It leads to greater wear and tear of the entire vascular system and risk of death particularly to persons with Diabetes or Cardiovascular disease. Chilly patient with great sensitiveness to cold open air, lt in wet, stormy weather from washing Night sweat can indicate you have a medical condition if it exceeds the following. P.s. i meant to mention night sweats is also a common occurance in diabetes . when i do sleep, its usually invaded bad dreams and I wake up in cold sweat It may also be related to diabetic low blood sugar reactions. I wake up during the night multiple times in a cold sweat and i39m absolutely

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Holiday Health Myths: Sugar, Suicides, and Cold-Weather Clothes tales: Who hasn39t been told to wear a hat because you lose the most heat from your head 10 Jun 2013 Though this is usually associated with diabetes, it can happen in non- If you find yourself sweating even when the weather is cold or there are

Women, the elderly, and people with diabetes are less likely to feel the classic Heart attacks frequently occur after exercise, during sleep, in cold weather, Pets have a tough time when cold weather sets in, so knowing how to provide Pets with diabetes, heart disease, endocrine disorders, or kidney disease can